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Member of inaugural year of Speakers’ Corner

I’m honored to be participating this year in Gingold Theatrical Group’s new writers group, Speakers’ Corner.

GTG describes the program best, so I’ll let them do it here:
“Named after the corner of London’s Hyde Park where Shaw and other political speakers have delivered speeches since 1855, GTG’s Speakers’ Corner brings together six to ten writers who spend the year exploring a specific Shaw play and writing new work in response to that text. Speakers’ Corner members meet monthly starting in September, and GTG will host showings of the work that Speakers’ Corner members have developed in the spring or summer of each year.”

My fellow intrepid and good-looking writers include Julissa Contreras, Xavier Galva, Nick Gandiello, Hank H. Kim, James Presson, Ren Dara Santiago, & David Zheng.

Finalist for 2017 Heideman Award at Actors Theatre of Louisville

Usually, I hate mail. Mail means junk or bills (or sometimes both).

But every once in a while, you get something cool in the mail – like a letter from Actors Theatre of Louisville notifying you that your play Lumbricus Terrestris is a finalist for the 2017 Heideman Award!

Congratulations to the other finalists, and thank you ATL for giving me a totally new relationship with my mailbox.

“Tonight We’re Gonna Party” with Squeaky Bicycle’s ‘All Guts and Some Glory’

The savvy and good looking people at Squeaky Bicycle have asked me back for their annual “All Guts and Some Glory” – an evening of ten-minute plays in which writers, actors, directors and more come together to compete for glory (not to mention a respectable bar tab), awarded by the ultimate judges: the audience.

My play this year, “Tonight We’re Gonna Party”, stars the esteemed Madeline Ruskin & Sheila Joon, directed by Kate Garfield, and tells the story of two former classmates on the eve of Y2K confronting what ended their relationship. The play was originally featured over the summer at Stable Cable’s 2017 Live Wire.

The production happens January 8 at 7 pm at Theater for the New City. Reserve your pay-what-you-will tickets here!


“Tonight We’re Gonna Party” at Stable Cable’s 2017 Live Wire

Stable Cable’s Live Wire events are a great way to see new short plays by new writers livin’ it up. This summer’s theme was “The World of Tomorrow”, and I was so excited to be asked to participate alongside writers Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Collin McConnell, Lillith Fallon, Nat Cassidy & Nelson Diaz-Marcano.

Y’all remember Y2K? Because I do. I remember listening to Sisqo while hoarding cans of SpaghettiOs and feeling a little disappointed when New Year’s hit Australia and nothing happened. Despite the constant threads of the variety of coming apocalypses (apocalypi?) today, Stable Cable’s theme kept remindiBreanna Foister (L), and Ashley Grombol (R)ng me of that first time I felt that the world was just about to end – and how it forced people to confront and forgive each other. At least until January 1, 2000.

The play starred Breanna Foister and Ashley Grombel directed by Emma Canalese. Congrats to all!

‘Dollface’ with the New Light Theater Project’s Darkroom

The New Light Theater Project runs a program called Darkroom, which they perfectly describe as “an arts party to showcase new work, meet, & network.”

With Stable Cable Lab Co, a ten minute excerpt of my full-length play Dollface was presented, off-book and on its feet, in front an audience alongside four other works in progress. The excerpt was directed by the lovely Kristy Dodson, and featured Samantha Strelitz, Kate Garfield, and Stephanie Bunch.

Dollface tells the story of two sisters who are called back to their father’s house after he’s accused of verbally assaulting the neighbors. It looks like no one will know exactly what happened – until a sex doll possessed by the spirit of an American soldier in Vietnam comes to life and starts talking. And it gets weirder from there. It’s a rom com.*

Mazel tov to all the other artists whose work was featured in this Darkroom series.



*it is not a rom com

‘The Garden of Eden on a Beautiful Day’ at Gay Brunch

Gay Brunch is possibly one of the best days all year. It’s definitely on the list of top 5. Middle Voice produces this event in conjunction with Pride Week, and this year we had extra splashes of glitter.

This year, a reading of my ten-minute play ‘The Garden of Eden on a Beautiful Day’ was directed by Katherine Barton and performed by Ren Santiago, Mike Turner, Lisa Purrone, and Alexander Lambie (typecast as God and Platypus, obvi.)

Reading of ‘Faire’ with Red Caravan

I’m a member of the Beehive Collective, a group of badass lady writers writing badass plays that empower the voices and stories of women. My current fellow bees include Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Estelle Bajou, Heidi Armbruster, Jessica Luck, Lindsay Joy, Martha Pichey, Melisa Annis, Rachael Jenison, and Siobhan Antonioli.

This year, we Bees are partnering with the company Red Caravan – which aims to tell relevant, human stories through accessible, high-quality theater and community based advocacy – to produce a series of readings featuring one Bee each month.  

I was the July Bee! On July 30m the first draft of my full-length Faire was directed by Kate Garfield and performed by Sarah Bisman Storm, Madeline Ruskin, Benj Mirman, Katharine Lerner, Ricki Lynee, and Brooke Shilling. Through our amazing producers, we had a 10 hour workshop before the reading to rehearse and give me the opportunity to do some pretty massive rewrites.

Faire tells the story of a Renaissance Faire lifer Rosie, who is having a bad summer: her partner has abandoned their business, her new assistant’s useless, and her best friend’s always high. But when she finds an endangered turtle species on the Faire grounds, how far will she go to protect the people she loves from eviction? And who will pay the price?

Most importantly, Red Caravan and the Bees have joined our passion for advocacy and service into this year-long reading series by dedicating all proceeds to Days for Girls – an international organization that provides sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education to women and girls.

The next Bee up is Amy Gijsberg van Wijk at the end of August!

‘Coming Home’ with Gi60

Gi60: The International One Minute Theatre Festival is exactly as cool as it sounds: it features plays that run for 60 seconds or less, from all around the world. It’s a phenomenal feat undertaken every year in both the UK and in the US hosted at Brooklyn College.

I’m honored that my play ‘Coming Home’ was featured this year. It was directed by Rose Bonczek, the Festival Director, and clocked in at just about 59 seconds. Congratulations to all the writers – and especially the intrepid, multiple-role playing, stamina-infused actors.

You can view all the plays on Gi60’s YouTube channel below, or by clicking on the following:



It’s the day of the TheaterJAM, y’all!

Of all the traditions Rattlestick has, TheaterJAM might be my very favorite. This day-long event features excerpts, readings, short pieces, and everything in between. This year, 25 artists were featured, and the work was nothing short of amazeballs. 

With the genius direction of Alex Keegan, I brought to the Theater Jam table an excerpt from my new play dollface, which I’ve workshopped with Middle Voice. The scene featured Larissa Klinger, Katharine Lerner, Lori Singleton and Teal Wicks.

Curated by Rattlestick’s Lit Team and presented with Rosalind Productions, lead artists for TheaterJAM 2017 included Keith Josef Adkins, Mary Bacon, Alex Borinsky, Sam Chanse, Julissa Contreras, Cusi Cram, Mike Daisey, Mashuq Mushtaq Deen, Antonio Edwards, Dominic Finochiaro, Morgan Gould, Willy Holtzman, Jaime Jaget, Tori Keenan-Zelt, Florencia Lozano, Jessica Moss, Dael Orlandersmith, José Rivera, Stacey Rose, Abby Rosebrock, Melissa Ross, Keith Randolph Smith, Daniel Talbott, Lucy Thurber, and David Zheng.

Dude, being a theater artist is so cool sometimes.

Reading of “dollface” in Stable Cable’s ‘Plays in Process: A Reading Series’

The best way to start to understand a play is to hear it aloud with actors and a director. Stable Cable has a scary knack for creating that exact kind of space where writers can create and develop new works.

On February 20, my new play dollface had its very first public reading through Stable Cable’s ‘Plays in Process: A Reading Series’ at A.R.T/New York. The reading was directed by Kate Garfield and featured Allison Mattox, Meghan Maguire, Katharine Lerner and Teal Wicks.

It’s always such a gift to get to hear a play in front of an audience – you learn so much from the rehearsal, from the audience reactions, and from the feedback (especially, I find, the actors). So many thanks to the lovely artists who let me bribe them with snacks, and to Stable Cable for giving us space to play.

(also, Stable Cable has got a show going on right now – check it out here!)