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Primary Stages: Morning in America

No matter what your persuasion, I imagine a fair number of us woke up on November 9, 2016 and felt the need to do something.

I know the team at Primary Stages did. In the immediate wake of this past election cycle, Primary Stages asked 75 playwrights to write monologues reacting to the morning after the election. Those plays were then presented at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre Feb18-19, 2017. All proceeds from the performances went to The Actors Fund.

I was honored to be included with these incredible artists. Sofiya Cheyenne performed my piece The R Word. You can read more about these talented folks at this so very necessary event here.

Sox News at SeriesFest

Sox News is going to SeriesFest 2016! Which means I’m about to get on a plane to good ol’ Denver, Colorado.

In their own words:
“SeriesFest is an international celebration dedicated to showcasing the best new pilots from established and emerging content creators. At a time when entertainment is expanding and evolving across multiple platforms, the need for a diverse range of programming is greater than ever. As trailblazers in independent content development, we aim to create a global marketplace for episodic storytelling.

The annual SeriesFest takes place in Denver, Colorado – the birthplace of cable television. SeriesFest brings together industry luminaries, emerging artists, and passionate audiences to advance compelling and creative content as well as celebrating television history and engaging in meaningful dialogue.

SeriesFest is a nucleus of inspiration, innovation and excitement! ” –!about/c1leg 

How cool does that sound?
(that was a rhetorical question. It sounds cool. This is a given.)

Gay Brunch at Rattlestick with Middle Voice

The Middle Voice Theater Company, in residence at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, has an amazing tradition each Pride Weekend called Gay Brunch. Gay Brunch is how we celebrate pride, community and family – of course, through theater. Because what’s better than brunch? Gay Brunch.

This year, I was a stupid kind of lucky to have Alec Silberblatt and Cesar Rosado star as two earthworms (yup, like the dirt kind) who have just broken up and are forced back together by rain and schoolyard bullies in my play Lumbricus Terrestris. All-Around Theater Jedi Master Ren Santiago directed. It was awesome.

Happy Pride, y’all. Every day.

Intimate Bar Plays

So there’s this insane and incredibly true story about this man named Mike Malloy, who in 1933 was the subject of several attempts on his life while some locals in the Bronx tried to knock him off for the life insurance. Problem was – Mike just wouldn’t die.

When Lillian Meredith of The Motor Company asked me to write a play for the second annual Informal Bar Plays: three short, overlapping plays written for and performed in the dark corners of a downtown bar. My play is MICK – the booze-infused retelling of Mike Malloy’s end, complete with clearly-marked bottles of alcohol, poison, gas, and a hit-and-run to boot.

Performances take place at the Botanica Bar on the Lower East Side, and features the freakishly awesome acting talents of Alex Moreno, Lisa Purrone, Elizabeth Seldin and Harrison Unger under the direction of Lillian herself.

Shows are at 6 pm and 8 pm on March 6 and 13, 2016.

Blog Post in HOWLROUND


As a theater person “in the know”, you’ve probably heard of a publication called HowlRound (and if you hadn’t – congratulations! you are now officially a theater person “in the know”!). In their own words, HowlRound is “a place for artists to provide feedback, learning, expertise, frustration, and vision—in an effort to enliven the fields of theatre and performance to the aspiring and established artist alike.” All of their content comes from its community  – which, as you may have guessed by now, includes moi. (And includes you too, I bet.)

As evidenced by the layout of this site, I am parts writer and parts actor. HowlRound published my blog post “The Hyphenate: a Rose by Any Other Name(s)?” in which I discuss what it’s like to be an artist with multiple identities. I drew from conversations I had with fellow “hyphenates” including Karina Richardson, Daniel Talbott, Allyson Morgan and Erin Mallon.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – post questions, criticisms, and more here  on the comments section. Or send me a note via this site!


SPARKLE ULTRAVIOLET: The whole shebang

The magical people at InstaMiniSeries have done it again – another season successfully aired (and a rockin’ wrap party to boot – I have never felt so cool.) Every episode of Sparkle Ultraviolet  has been released through instagram. Huge thanks to not just the cast and remarkable crew, but to the many many viewers who saw (and clicked on that little heart icon for!) each episode.

“But I don’t get instagram,” you whine. “I’m social-media illiterate.”

Thank goodness for you, Instaminiseries still likes ya. You can watch the whole season (over 7 minutes – those 15-second episodes add up, don’t they?) on YouTube.

SPARKLE with InstaMiniSeries premieres!

Sometimes someone asks you to write a thing, you write the thing, they make the thing, and the thing is amazing.

This is one of those times.
(You may have already guessed that. I kinda foreshadowed pretty hard there.)

InstaMiniSeries is a channel that creates mini episodics exclusively for Instagram. Your attention span shrinking? No problem – each episode of InstaMiniSeries is 15 seconds, Created by Nikki Borges and Amanda de la Nuez, InstaMiniSeries’s first season Silent Brokelyn was featured in the New York Times, and its second season Rota Fortunae made more than one audience member laugh and cry – usually in the same episode.

Which brings us to Season 3: SPARKLE: A Don Quixote Story. Inspired by the classic tale Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, SPARKLE is the story of a woman named Charlotte on a quest to claim her celebrity status – even if she doesn’t actually do anything celebratory. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of glitter.

Writing SPARKLE and getting to work with the InstaMiniSeries team was an incredible joy – especially director Nikki, leading actress Amanda, and DP extraordinaire Joshua Sterling Bragg. There’s a new episode released every Tuesday and Thursday -you can check them out at InstaMiniSeries’s page and follow them here.

In the mean time, check out the trailer below. Warning: you may want to wear sunglasses with all the glitter glare.

News about SOX NEWS!

I am really bad at keeping news a secret. Especially if it’s good news.

Which is why this post is such a relief. Because once upon a time – actually the time was last year – Martian Media asked me to join the writing team of their new pilot Sox News – a behind-the-scenes look at a conservative news talk show, which happens to be staffed entirely by puppets. After teameing up with the all-stars at Glamsmash Production and a bunch of snazzy writers (myself included) – lo, a tv show hath been born. And I can now die secure in the knowledge that nothing is more fun than writing for puppets.

What’s really super cool is that Sox News has also been accepted as an official entrant at both the ITVFest – Independent Television Festival and New York Television Festival. I am honored to attend both festivals with the Martian Media team.

Sound too good to be true? Watch the trailer.

Sock on.
(I’ve been waiting this whole post to get to say that.)


Online Series ‘Kate + Date’ has started principal photography!

It’s officially happening!!

My online series Kate + Date is being produced by Martian Media, and filming has begun. Officially. Officially begun.

Kate + Date is the story of Kate, a mathematician who is determined to date while not losing her dignity. In New York City, this is not an easy feat. The 10-episode series boasts lead producer Christina Hurtado-Pierson, and stars Kate Garfield. Our esteemed directors include Christina Hurtado-Pierson, Sam Jay Gold, Tyrus Emory, and Emma Canalese.

I’ll be posting lots (and I mean lots) of photos. Get excited.

Upcoming role in short film THE DOG SITTER

Remember how awesome BAKERY was?

(and if you don’t, all you gotta do is scroll down this here page, because you’ll find it!)

The guys you brought you BAKERY – Alec Silberblatt and Benjamin Katz – are doing it again. But this time, they’re gettin’ all kinds of fancy. Their latest project is called THE DOG SITTER, and it’s being produced by their newly formed production company Dog Out Window Productions. And Given that they are kind, generous, and intelligent people, they’ve asked me to play the role of Emma.

Wanna learn more? Or learn something interesting about Lord of the Rings? Watch this video, featuring good ol’ moi! (Hint: we’re fundraising. Did I tell you how pretty you look today?)