Detention #26 at ESPA

So ever since I moved to la ciudad, I’ve been hearing about the Detention Series at the Einhorn School of Performing Arts at Primary Stages.

While I was in Chicago this winter working on Go and Return in Glory. I decided that the time was ripe to submit a script to Detention. Carpe Diem – Seize the ESPA!

And waddya know, lo and behold, my script was selected. History was made.

For those of you who have yet to go to a Detention, a) GO TO ONE THEY’RE AWESOME, and b) here’s how it works: the EPSA team assigns a theme, writers submit ten-minute plays, and the ones that are selected are performed at Jimmy No. 43’s in the East Village. The first theme of this semester was, appropriately, “first day of school”.

My piece was called First Days. It was directed by the frightfully talented Blayze Teicher, and starred the indubitable Julie Balefsky, imperial Mariana Vily, and transformative Kayleigh Powell.

And because Blayze and Kayleigh are smarter than me, they took pictures. Thanks ladies.


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