‘Dollface’ with the New Light Theater Project’s Darkroom

The New Light Theater Project runs a program called Darkroom, which they perfectly describe as “an arts party to showcase new work, meet, & network.”

With Stable Cable Lab Co, a ten minute excerpt of my full-length play Dollface was presented, off-book and on its feet, in front an audience alongside four other works in progress. The excerpt was directed by the lovely Kristy Dodson, and featured Samantha Strelitz, Kate Garfield, and Stephanie Bunch.

Dollface tells the story of two sisters who are called back to their father’s house after he’s accused of verbally assaulting the neighbors. It looks like no one will know exactly what happened – until a sex doll possessed by the spirit of an American soldier in Vietnam comes to life and starts talking. And it gets weirder from there. It’s a rom com.*

Mazel tov to all the other artists whose work was featured in this Darkroom series.



*it is not a rom com

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