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So writer, actor, producer, and froster of baked goods Alec Silberblatt came up with this idea to have a webseries based in a cupcake bakery.

In its own words: “BAKERY: a web series” is a scripted series that follows young employees at a New York City bakery. Each episode attempts to show a slice of mundane bakery life in all it’s glory. Both funny and moving, this series is about people trying to survive in a big city. Created by Alec Silberblatt and produced by Ben Katz, the series is shot on location in an actual New York City bakery. It features Lauren Annunziata as Lily, Alec Silberblatt as Eddy, Ben Katz as Steve, and Dean Panchuk as Jeremy. Original music provided by Matt Van Hellen. Contributors include: Victor Cervantes Jr., Lauren Caputi, Laurel Shimasaki, and Emily Daly.

Not only did I get to write an episode, but Alec cast me in it as well. Go go gadget Artistic Hyphenate!

My episode is called “Training” and features Lauren Annunziata, Kate Garfield, Claron Hayden, Alec Silberblatt, Ren Santiago, and yours truly. The esteem-able Ben Katz (who is also featured in other episodes in the series!) directed.

Watch me learn how to work an espresso machine. Seriously.
(those things are really complicated)
(stop judging me already)


Many cupcakes were harmed in the making of this film.


Want to watch the whole series? Of course you do! You’re a person of refined taste.
Here’s the YouTube Channel for BAKERY


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