Intimate Bar Plays

So there’s this insane and incredibly true story about this man named Mike Malloy, who in 1933 was the subject of several attempts on his life while some locals in the Bronx tried to knock him off for the life insurance. Problem was – Mike just wouldn’t die.

When Lillian Meredith of The Motor Company asked me to write a play for the second annual Informal Bar Plays: three short, overlapping plays written for and performed in the dark corners of a downtown bar. My play is MICK – the booze-infused retelling of Mike Malloy’s end, complete with clearly-marked bottles of alcohol, poison, gas, and a hit-and-run to boot.

Performances take place at the Botanica Bar on the Lower East Side, and features the freakishly awesome acting talents of Alex Moreno, Lisa Purrone, Elizabeth Seldin and Harrison Unger under the direction of Lillian herself.

Shows are at 6 pm and 8 pm on March 6 and 13, 2016.

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