News about SOX NEWS!

I am really bad at keeping news a secret. Especially if it’s good news.

Which is why this post is such a relief. Because once upon a time – actually the time was last year – Martian Media asked me to join the writing team of their new pilot Sox News – a behind-the-scenes look at a conservative news talk show, which happens to be staffed entirely by puppets. After teameing up with the all-stars at Glamsmash Production and a bunch of snazzy writers (myself included) – lo, a tv show hath been born. And I can now die secure in the knowledge that nothing is more fun than writing for puppets.

What’s really super cool is that Sox News has also been accepted as an official entrant at both the ITVFest – Independent Television Festival and New York Television Festival. I am honored to attend both festivals with the Martian Media team.

Sound too good to be true? Watch the trailer.

Sock on.
(I’ve been waiting this whole post to get to say that.)


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