Reading of “dollface” in Stable Cable’s ‘Plays in Process: A Reading Series’

The best way to start to understand a play is to hear it aloud with actors and a director. Stable Cable has a scary knack for creating that exact kind of space where writers can create and develop new works.

On February 20, my new play dollface had its very first public reading through Stable Cable’s ‘Plays in Process: A Reading Series’ at A.R.T/New York. The reading was directed by Kate Garfield and featured Allison Mattox, Meghan Maguire, Katharine Lerner and Teal Wicks.

It’s always such a gift to get to hear a play in front of an audience – you learn so much from the rehearsal, from the audience reactions, and from the feedback (especially, I find, the actors). So many thanks to the lovely artists who let me bribe them with snacks, and to Stable Cable for giving us space to play.

(also, Stable Cable has got a show going on right now – check it out here!)

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