Reading of ‘Faire’ with Red Caravan

I’m a member of the Beehive Collective, a group of badass lady writers writing badass plays that empower the voices and stories of women. My current fellow bees include Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Estelle Bajou, Heidi Armbruster, Jessica Luck, Lindsay Joy, Martha Pichey, Melisa Annis, Rachael Jenison, and Siobhan Antonioli.

This year, we Bees are partnering with the company Red Caravan – which aims to tell relevant, human stories through accessible, high-quality theater and community based advocacy – to produce a series of readings featuring one Bee each month.  

I was the July Bee! On July 30m the first draft of my full-length Faire was directed by Kate Garfield and performed by Sarah Bisman Storm, Madeline Ruskin, Benj Mirman, Katharine Lerner, Ricki Lynee, and Brooke Shilling. Through our amazing producers, we had a 10 hour workshop before the reading to rehearse and give me the opportunity to do some pretty massive rewrites.

Faire tells the story of a Renaissance Faire lifer Rosie, who is having a bad summer: her partner has abandoned their business, her new assistant’s useless, and her best friend’s always high. But when she finds an endangered turtle species on the Faire grounds, how far will she go to protect the people she loves from eviction? And who will pay the price?

Most importantly, Red Caravan and the Bees have joined our passion for advocacy and service into this year-long reading series by dedicating all proceeds to Days for Girls – an international organization that provides sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education to women and girls.

The next Bee up is Amy Gijsberg van Wijk at the end of August!

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