“Tonight We’re Gonna Party” at Stable Cable’s 2017 Live Wire

Stable Cable’s Live Wire events are a great way to see new short plays by new writers livin’ it up. This summer’s theme was “The World of Tomorrow”, and I was so excited to be asked to participate alongside writers Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Collin McConnell, Lillith Fallon, Nat Cassidy & Nelson Diaz-Marcano.

Y’all remember Y2K? Because I do. I remember listening to Sisqo while hoarding cans of SpaghettiOs and feeling a little disappointed when New Year’s hit Australia and nothing happened. Despite the constant threads of the variety of coming apocalypses (apocalypi?) today, Stable Cable’s theme kept remindiBreanna Foister (L), and Ashley Grombol (R)ng me of that first time I felt that the world was just about to end – and how it forced people to confront and forgive each other. At least until January 1, 2000.

The play starred Breanna Foister and Ashley Grombel directed by Emma Canalese. Congrats to all!

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