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Cleveland – ten minute play

Produced by Stable Cable for its annual LiveWire festival in 2016. Directed by Kate Garfield and featuring Chris Cafero and Meghan Maguire.

The Cavs are about to win the NBA Finals – which would be cooler if there weren’t a funeral to go to tomorrow.

Production Date: July 12, 2016


Lumbricus Terrestris – ten minute play

Produced by Squeaky Bicycle Productions for its festival, “The Unconventional Convention”. Directed by Brandi Varnell.

Two worms, one playground, and many hearts: Lumbricus Terrestris is a love story of two earthworms and the forces (like big kids) that come between them.

Production Dates: October 13 – 15, 2016
Location: Theater for the New City


Intimate Bar PlaysMick  – short play

Commissioned and produced by The Motor Company for its series Intimate Bar Plays: three short, overlapping plays written for and performed in the dark corners of a downtown bar. Directed by The Motor Company’s Artistic Director Lillian Meredith, and featuring Elizabeth SeldinHarrison UngerAlex J. Moreno & Lisa Purrone.

An interactive dark comedy that makes you a fellow conspiracy in attempted murder after attempted murder after attempted murder….of the same person. Based on the true story of the life – and death – of Michael Malloy.

Production Dates: Sunday March 6, 8
Location: Botanica Bar on Houston Street




Sparkle Ultraviolet – digital series
InstaMiniSeries produ
ces season-length stories told through 15-second episodes, hosted exclusively on instagram.  Sparkle Ultraviolet is the series’ third season.

A modern-day Don Quixote takes on the city – except instead of being a knight, our heroine believes she’s a celebrity. Be prepared for lots, and lots, of glitter.
Produced by Nikki Borges, filmed by Joshua Sterling Bragg, and starring Amanda de la Nuez.

To view the series in its entirety, follow @InstaMiniSeries on instagram , or click here.


Sox News – pilot episode.

This half-hour comedy was produced by Martian Media and Glamsmash Productions. Emily was a co-writer on this pilot script, and also assisted in its production.

Fair. Balanced. 100% Cotton. The Sox News Network was once the untouchable firebrand of the right-wing sock community. But these are changing times; viewership is at an all-time low and the network is getting desperate.

Enter Wooliam Wythe, the newest producer and biggest fan of Sox New’s flagship show, Touching America with Griffin Toucher. He’s joined by a ragtag group of has-beens and ideologues, and they’re not going down without a fight. There’s lead anchor and well-meaning psychopath, Griffin Toucher; Griff’s former co-host turned cynical producer, Jump Nightly; blonde-of-the-week, Britney Whitney; and a whole world of correspondents, non-union crew, and hangers-on — both sock and human. Watch as the team behind The Touch shout their way back into primetime, kicking off a network-wide race to the bottom on their way back to the top.

This episode is an official entrant at the Independent Television Festival, and New York Television Festival.  Click here to watch the trailer and learn more.


Julie Balefsky, Mariana Vily

First Days: an uninspired title  – a ten-minute play

This short play was produced through the 26th Detention Series by the Einhorn School of Performing Arts at Primary Stages. The production featured Julie Balefsky, Mariana Vily, and Kayleigh Powells – and was directed by Blayze Teicher.

Hannah and Poppy become best friends on their very first day of kindergarten. But as each first day of school rolls by, their lives – and their relationship – gets more and more complicated. 

Directed by Blayze Teicher.

Featuring Julie Balefsky, Mariana Vily, and Kayleigh Powell

Production Date: February 5, 2015
Location: Jimmy No. 43’s



Go and Return in Glory – a full-length play with puppets. This multimedia piece with puppets received a workshop production at The 26th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival in Chicago, IL.


After seventy-six years after disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle has finally returned home! Or at least, she thinks she has. Instead of a warm homecoming, Amelia encounters a social media-infused madhouse intent on stripping her of every secret she’s ever had. Amelia must evade reporters, fans, marketing execs, NSA agents, naysayers and saboteurs to launch her next trip around the world – the one that she’s going to get right this time. 


The piece was directed by co-created with Lexy Leuszler. The workshop featured Gillian Hemme, Sarah Bernstein, June Thiele, and Alex Borkowski.

Production Dates: January 18 – February 16, 2015
Location: Prop Theater


Graduation Day – a full-lengtLOGOlargeh play

This workshop production was presented by the Middle Voice Theater Company in association with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and the Dorothy Strelsin Foundation. It was directed by Jenna Worsham and featured actors Lauren Annunziata, Sarah E. Cote, Kathleen Littlefield, and Alec Silberblatt. The workshop was produced by Victor Cervantes, Ren Santiago, and Jaime Jaget, with stage management by Kyle Cherry, sound design by Beth Lake, lighting design by Jesse Sheldon, and projection design by Sean B. Leo. Production Management was done by Maxime Briere.

Lottie can achieve anything she sets her mind to. But when she is killed while working in Afghanistan, the people she knew are left to mourn and wonder – who was she? and what exactly happened to her?

Workshop Dates: April 16th-19th, 2015
Location: WorkShop Theater Company’s Jewel Box Theater


Ciara Constanti and Mike O'Toole in ONE CUP OF SUGAR

One More Cup of Sugar – a one-act play

The full production was developed and premiered with the New Perspectives Theatre Company’s Short Play Lab as part of their program, Women’s Work. The production featured Kelsey Foltz, Mike O’Toole and Ciara Constanti (pictured above).

Helen is on a mission to get on with her life after a really bad break-up, and to learn how to – finally – bake a cake. But what’s a girl to do when the man she used to love won’t go away – even when she asks him to – even when he won’t stop pounding on the front door? One More Cup of Sugar asks us what constitutes abuse, and what it means to be protected.

Production Dates: August 4 – August 9, 2014
Location: New Perspectives Theatre in New York City

For more information on this festival, click here.


i love you more graphic

i love you more than all the stars in the sky – a many-part-poem

This piece was devised with Stable Cable and presented in July of 2013 as a workshop in San Francisco as part of foolsFURY‘s Factory Parts – a program of new works in progress by cutting edge theater ensembles. The series ispresented by foolsFURY Theater and co-hosted by Theatre of Yugen.

In an isolated factory way out in the Nevada Desert,  a group of specially-chosen individuals dedicate their lives to creating a “product” that is the world’s last chance at salvation…but is it a world worth saving?


The workshop production was directed by KC Luce and Collin McConnell
Featuring :  Lisa Jill Anderson, Brian Edelman, Kate Garfield, Matt Helm, Django Palty, and Gillian Rougier. Other collaborators who participated in the development of the piece include:  Emmanuel Elpenord, Chelsea Gonzalez and Cory Kosel.

Workshop Dates:  July 17, July 19 & July 21,  2013 at 8pm
Location:  NOHspace in San Francisco, California.


TheaterJam-graphicw-Info-1024x439Pocketful of Favors – a ten-minute play

This piece was presented at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater’s 4th Annual TheaterJam.

It was directed by Jenna Worsham, and featured Lisa Jill Anderson, Brian Edelman and Elle Malan.

Date: June 2, 2013
Location: Rattlestick Playwrights Theater




Barter – a full-length play

This production was presented as a part of the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival, a program of the Washington, DC non-profit Capital Fringe.

Four people discover the true cost of things when the economy tanks for a weekend and they’re forced to barter for everything.

The production was directed by Jonathan Libman
Featuring:  Lisa Jill Anderson as Eliza, Brian Edelman as Charles, Breanna Foister as Cherry, and Zak Kamin* as Benny

Production Dates: 7/13@6:15pm , 7/14@4:45pm,  7/20@11:15pm, 7/22@noon, 7/25@8:15pm
Location: Fort Fringe & the Redrum, 612 L St. NW, Washington D.C.
(*Member appearing courtesy of AEA)

4.5. out 5 Stars!  ”Fascinating, touching and amusing…”  – DC Metro Theater Arts

4 out of 5 Stars! “A moving story about loss, crisis, and human connection in a terrifying world” – DC Theatre Scene


404971_309104629137357_1973192837_nDeath on Roller Skates – a play in one act

After getting kicked out of the nearby bowling alley, Death finds a roller rink to spend her lunch hour in. Sheryl, the top skater of the rink and soda fountain girl, makes friends. As Sheryl teaches Dee how to skate, the two discover how much they have in common, how much they don’t have in common, and how much they really, really dig each other – setting into motion a series of events that will change the both of them in ways neither could have imagined.

A staged reading of this play was performed at the Great Plains Theatre Conference’s 2012 PlayLab.

Performance Date: May 31, 2012
Location: The Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska


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